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AFC Sugar Hill XC MTB Race
Sunday, April 6th

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4/8 Hrs at Patapsco
Sunday, March 30th

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Fairland Follies Spring
5K/10K/10 mi Trail Run

Saturday, April 26th

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2014 Race/Timing Schedule

We have numberous timing systems and timers, so even if there is a race listed below on your date, contact us.

AFC Sugar Hill - #2 of the Patapsco Valley MTB Series
March 15th - MTB XC Race

Central Elem. School Tiger Trot 5K Run and 1K Fun Walk
March 29th - Road Running

8 Hrs at Patapsco - #1 of the Patapsco Valley MTB Series
March 30th - MTB Enduro Race

THE International Intergalactic Global Open Mountain Bike Team Relay Championship of the Multi-Friggin-Verse!
April 5th - MTB Enduro Race

Carl Dolan Memorial Race
Apr 13th - Road Cycling Race

Fairland Spring Trail Race - Race #1 of the Seasons Trail Series
Apr 26th - Trail Running Race

Mothers Day Mauler - #3 of the Patapsco Valley MTB Series
May 10th - MTB XC & Enduro

Woodstock Wrecker - #4 of the Patapsco Valley MTB Series
May 24th - MTB XC & Enduro

That Dam TT
May 25th - Road Time Trial

Fairland Follies MTB Race
June 8th - XC MTB Race

Church Creek Time Trial #1
June 21st - Road Time Trial

Patapsco 100 - #5 of the Patapsco Valley MTB Series
July 6th - MTB Enduro Race

Patapsco Valley SP Trail Race - Race #2 of the Seasons Trail Series
July 13th - Trail Running Race

Susquehanna Screamer
July 27th - MTB XC & Enduro

Tour of Utah - Ultimate Challenge Cycling Adventure
Aug 10th - Road Cycling Race

Church Creek Time Trial #2
Aug 17th - Cycling Time Trial

Black Hills SUP Race
Aug 24th - Stand Up Paddle Board Race

Juniors Day Out
Sept 13 - Cycling Festival

Granogue 'Cross
Sept 14th - Cyclocross

Fairland Fall Trail Race - Race #3 of the Seasons Trail Series
Sept 27th - Trail Running Race

Winchester Apple 'Cross
Sept 28th - Cyclocross

Psycho 'Cross
Oct 4th - Cyclocross

SCCX - Seneca Creek 'Cross
Oct 11th - Cyclocross

Special Olympics Fall Games
Oct 25th - Cycling Festival

AACX 'Cyclocross
Oct 26th - Cyclocross

Patapsco 'Cross
Nov 1st - Cyclocross

Schaeffer Farm Scramble Trail Race - #4 of the Seasons Trail Series
Nov 9th - Trail Running Race

All Hallows 'Cross
Nov 15th - Cyclocross

Rockburn 'Cross
Nov 16th - Cyclocross

South Germantown 'Cross
Nov 22nd - Cyclocross

South Germantown 'Cross
Nov 23rd - Cyclocross

MABRA 'Cross Championships
Nov 30th - Cyclocross

8K's of Hanukkah Trail Run
Dec 14th - Trail Running Race

12K's of Christmas
Dec 21st - Trail Running Race

New Year Resolution Trail Race
Jan 19th, 2015 - Trail Running

Race Timing & Scoring

Race Works Gruppetto is the premier race timing and scoring service in the region, if not the country. We combine cutting edge electronic timing, leading high speed camera scoring, and extensive experience to offer you fast, 100% accurate timing/scoring.

We can, an routinely do, handle pretty much any event that is scored by time. Any event up to 100,000 participants can easily be handled by our systems.

We offer a number of different timing systems and a large selection of different RFID chips. These allow use to configure a timing/scoring solution for any event with any need, and still achieve 100% accurate scoring.

NOTE: The main reason why we are the best timing company - We put on 15-20 of our own races every year, including road cycling races, mountain bike races, cyclocross races, trail running races, and even a stand up paddle board race. So, every-time we add a new system to out timing arsenal, we come up with a cool new service to offer, or a great new way to time a race, we are able to test it to perfection at our own races. When we set up our gear to time your race, we've already perfected everything needed to get the job done perfectly.

Timing/Scoring Services

We utilize the highest quality timing hardware, cutting edge software, custom software, and extensive know how & experience to bring you the following services.

Eco-Friendly Green Energy - We run on the Sun

Race Works Gruppetto is the only solar powered Timing and Race company in the country.

Our race equipment trailer is covered with solar panels. When the trailer is parked, these panels charge multiple battery banks that are used to power our equipment. They also charge small portable "solar generators" that we use at remote locations. Just on battery alone we can power an entire race for a minimum of 12 hours. This offers you:

Electronic RFID Chip Timing and High Speed Camera Scoring

Race Works Gruppetto is the only timing & scoring company in the country that combines RFID chip timing with high speed cameras.

The RFID systems that we use are the best on the market. In combination with our timing software, we can routinely achieve accuracy of less than 1 inch. Compare that to every other chip system on the market, the best of which is accurate to 6 feet (i.e. 72 inches) at their best. Give me a call at 240-364-4910 and I'll explain how it works.

We also run a high speed finish line camera with advanced number plate reading software. This system can be used alone for some events, but we commonly integrate it with the RFID system. If there is a dispute, or just a very close finish that we want to check, we can easily check finishers with the camera system.

Timing/Scoring Capabilities

Our Announcer System

The Announcer system links to the to the timing systems and feed racer information to your announcer, or to video screens.

Results Displays

Results Reporting

We use a custom results engine that produces incredibly fast results - both in real time and at the end of the race.

Automatic Results Analysis

Backup Systems


Types of Races

We can, and routinely do, time any race that is scored by time or laps

  • Road Cycling Race
    • Road Races
    • Criteriums
    • Time Trials
    • Circuit races
  • Any Running Race
    • Any distance
    • Road Races
    • Cross country
    • Trail Running
    • 5K, 8K, 10K, 10 mile, Marathon, 1/2 Marathon, etc...
  • Motocross
  • Skiing events
  • Snowboarding
  • Stand Up Paddle Board Races
  • Adventure Races
  • Triathlons
  • Any Track & Field Event


Case Studies - i.e. examples of races that we have scored

Trail Running Race

The Event Details

The Outcome

Mountain Bike Race

The Event Details

The Outcome

Cyclocross Race

The Event Details

The Outcome